Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting caught up!

Finally here are some pictures from the past week. The biggest hit of the week is beans. AC loves to scoop Maggie food, so Mom thought... why not beans?! She got out lots of bowls and cups, and poured lots of beans in and AnnaClaire sat for so long just scooping beans. She loved doing it! There's also pictures from playing bunny ball, reading, looking at pictures, her new, bow that Jeanette sent for her-- it even matched her outfit the day we got it!!

Long Weekend!!

Well it's Friday... and that means I have the whole weekend ahead of me that won't be so jam packed! And with Labor Day on Monday... that gives me an extra long weekend! I did finally get everything working on my computer, so I can post on here and add pictures. So here's a picture for now. This is AnnaClaire modeling her new jammies while walking down the stairs. I love this one! I have lots and lots of others to add, but those will have to come at another time because AnnaClaire is begging me to read to her and after that I'm going to a downtown labor day weekend event in our lttle town. So that will be fun! Just wanted to do a short post since I haven't done one in awhile. And finally... a picture! I'll try to post again tonight and if not, tomorrow! Tomorrow will be really fun as we are heading to the AWAA NC families reunion!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh so busy... 22 months (yesterday) and 900 posts!!

Once again... I'm sorry that there are no pictures today. I'll just have a lot to add once I get blogger working on my computer!!

To Zilya and the rest that are disappointed with my lack of blogging lately... I'm sorry. Please remember that there are many things in my life that come before blogging. The reason I blogged so much last year was because I was homeschooled. Being at school 7:45-3:30, getting home at 3:45, working on homework, going to swimming, getting home at 7:15, eating, and having more homework doesn't leave me much time to blog. So I'm sorry about my lack of blogging.

The past few days have been fun. Sunday was Church. Our Church has been being remodeled and all the construction is now done and so AnnaClaire was in a new nursery. She loved it just as much and excitedly said "nursee" all throughout the day. Everytime we pass our Church, she says "nursee". It's too cute!! It was just a normal Sunday afternoon... Monday was school and it was awesome again. I really like school. I know pretty much everyone in my grade and lots and lots of people in other grades, which makes it really fun. My favorite classes are history and Bible. I did decide to cut cross country from my schedule. It would just have been way to hectic. So I got to go home after school. I did most of my homework in study hall but worked on the rest when I got home.

I played with AnnaClaire all afternoon because we didn't have swimming. We played all kinds of fun games. Her favorite was "Bunny Ball!" I made Bunny into a ball and we played catch with her! She loved that game! At first I asked her "Do you want to make Bunny a ball?" and she said "Bubba Ball!" It was so cute! Then when we were done, she looked at me and said "Ma ma Bubba ba" (More Bubba ball!). She is talking SO much these days!

So our afternoon was great.

Today Grandma left while we were at school. It was fun having her here! She's coming back in October for AnnaClaire's birthday. That will be fun. School was really good again, today. Everyone is so nice and I love it. I've made lots of friends. I also love all the teachers, especially my Bible teacher.

We get out at 3 but I ended up staying (and normally will) until 3:30 so that AnnaClaire can nap longer. I got a good bit of homework done during that time, so that was good. I had enough time at home to see AnnaClaire, work on homework, and eat a snack before heading to my first day back at swimming. It was good seeing everyone again. They totally switched the whole team all around so its really confusing but that's okay. I got home in time to say hi to AC before she went to bed. Now I'm eating dinner and I'm about to go finish my last bit of LA and study for my math quiz tomorrow...

Thanks for reading still. I'm still going to try to post every day but please don't quit reading if I miss a day. I'll also try to post a few pictures soon as I have lots of cute ones and I know you're missing your AnnaClaire fix! Heh. She is cute as ever and growing up so fast!!

Speaking of that... guess who turned 22 months old yesterday? Miss AnnaClaire Chenhui, of course! I can't believe she is already 22 months. In a mere 2 months, she will be 2. She is growing way to fast for me! I love her so much and she will always be my baby... no matter how old she is...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Middle name meme

Robin tagged me for this middle names meme..... so here I go!

You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

1) Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

2) When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name facts.

3) At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

A is for Athletic because I swim and run every day.

is for Ninth because that's what grade I'm in.

is for Noodles because I love any food that has noodles!

So there you go! I got off pretty easy with my 3 letter middle name :) So now I have to tag 3 people... what about Staci, Ally, and Keara

In case you didn't notice...

...I did quite a few posts yesterday. Be sure to check them all out!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family and kids

Since Grandma is here, and Drew is leaving for college tomorrow, we thought today would be a good day to take family pictures (I'm sure you know why... have I given enough hints?) Not any GREAT ones, but the one I posted is the best. We also got a few of just us 4 kids. They turned out pretty good. Enjoy!

Look what AnnaClaire got?!

A potty!

She got it while I was gone and has gone twice (in a row) on it for m&ms. Now she wants nothing to do with it and everytime you ask her if she wants to go potty on her potty and she can have m&ms, she shakes her head and says "NOOOOOOOO"! We'll wait till she's ready to push her, but for now she is the proud owner of a little white potty! (She's getting too big, too fast!)

When does Texas football start again?

Today AnnaClaire discovered out Texas football and started playing with it. She loved it and kept throwing it back and forth to me. I can't wait until Texas football starts!! Soon!

I missed Sissy!

Here's 2 from dinner last night. I love this dress on her! Isn't is so adorable?! On sale at PBKids!!!

Random pictures from the past couple days

I'm back

First of all, here is finally a picture of Will and I before the first day of school. I am sorry for my lack of posting lately. It has been so hectic. The retreat was awesome! We left on Wednesday and got home yesterday late afternoon. Besides the fact that I broke my big toe and it is swollen, purple, green, and black, it was so much fun. There was a blob, ziplines that went into the lake (that was my favorite), a big double swing that would like raise you to the top of a wire and then you'd pull a string and like fly. There was also a pool with a huge hot tub, a big metal waterslidei n the lake, sand volleyball courts, a soda shop with ice cream, slushies, milkshakes, etc, and more. Our family used to go to the camp every year with our friends but we haven't gone in ages. It's a Christian family camp which many Christian schools here go to soon after starting school. The speaker was really good, the food was amazing, and all the people were really nice. The bus ride was about 2.5 hours.. not bad. It was really fun just being with friends and such. We had an awesome time and we all wished that we could've stayed longer! When we got home AnnaClaire was still sleeping. I got to go get her up at 5 and she was so happy to see her sissy and gave me the biggest, sweetest hug. Grandma got here on Thursday so she's been here, too. So that's fun!

Today a couple of school friends and I went to the movies which was really fun. I have met lots of friends already and they are all so nice. Last night we all went to our school's soccer game (which they won by a lot). We don't have a football team so soccer is the big thing.

We have gotten most of my computer issues resolved. I ended up getting the school computer which already has all the school programs rather than buying all the stuff and paying for all the software to be put on. The one problem is that everything is blocked since it's the school network. So I can't get on any blogs including my own or blogger. So it has really been a pain getting a chance to blog because I'm having to use my dad's computer and he... well never wants to share it! Plus none of the pictures are on this computer and my email is blocked, so I can't email all the pictures. It is quite a task as you can imagine.

Just a note to the many people who have emailed me about blog makeovers. I really apoligize that I have not been able to return many of your emails. I get some of them but I can't respond to them. Plus, as I said, LumaPix isn't on either of these computers and I rarely get a chance to check my email. On top of all that I have been so busy lately!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School

I have a good picture of Will and I this morning before school but... you guessed it. I actually have it loaded on my laptop, but everything is blocked because school security is so high... even at home, so I can't get on my blog on there. So hopefully by the time I get home from my retreat (will get to that!) I will be able to go to more websites than Google. I'll also post the pictures of AC at some point when I get back.

School was great! In all the classes we just talked about the year, what we'd learn, and we went around getting to know everyone. A very relaxed first day with no homework. I really like it and I know it's going to be a good year. History is my favorite class at the moment... it's my biggest one with 24 people (out of a class of 72!) and the teacher is nice as are all the people in it. I have all good teachers and all my classes seem to be going very well. I'm talking all honors (geometry, world history, literature, and biology), Latin 2, Bible, and study hall. So it was a very good day and I've already made lots of friends.

After school we had cross country practice and it was not fun in the 100 degree heat!

I finally got home and the Bu came RUNNING to me and wanted me to hold her all night long! It's going to be so different being away from her all day... she was so happy to see her Sissy, though!

Tomorrow we are heading to the mountains for our school retreat (yes, on the 2nd day of school!!!) and I'll be home Friday when I'll hopefully be able to post pictures!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Here's the picture of everyone at Rachel's going away party. The shirts are blue for sadness and they each have a letter on them spelling out "WE'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH"
This morning we went to orientation at school. We were there for like 3 hours and AnnaClaire enjoyed every minute of it! It was fun. I met all my teachers and saw where all my classes are,etc. I've met a lot of friends and they were all there, so that was fun. Everyone loved AnnaClaire. I don't think anyone is used to see a stroller being pushed around the highschool! Si that was fun. Afterwards we went to Chickfila and ran into 3 families we knew (all coming from orientation). That's a place where you see someone you know every time you go there. We got home and AnnaClaire went down for an awesome nap. We had to wake her at 5! (although we didn't get home until after 2.) While she napped, Will stayed home with her while Mom and I ran out to see about stuff for my laptop. It came back today and it is a totally new one!!! I'm so happy! They put my hard drive in it so I didn't loose anything, but it is a totally new case. Scratch free and all! Well anyway, we took it in at orientation to get it booted with all the school software (we use laptops at school) and we realized it runs on the wrong xp. (because mine wasn't purchased through school since I already had it) So we had to take it to Curcuit City to see about getting xp pro installed. Well... they don't sell it anymore because it's outdated so they gave us all this info on ordering it. Well when Dad got home he found that we already had it! So that is good. We are trying to back everything up because I will loose it all when switching to pro. But anyway. AnnaClaire got up with the sweetest little smile! She played in the house and outside until dinner and I bathed her and got her ready for bed. She was so cute in the tub. The minute I put her in, she put her hands in the bubbles and put them on her face to make a bubble beard! So cute :)

Oh and I have some pictures of the Bu from today, but I can't get them to upload again. I'll add those soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Okay, so I thought I had pictures from the other day, but I don't... I'm still waiting for pictures from the party yesterday and I have one from the Lion King that I need to add, too, but my pictures won't upload...

On the way to Church, AnnaClaire repeated "nursee" over and over. She's gone from "nursto" to "nursue" and now "nursee". Getting close! She ran right in and ran right to us when we picked her up. We dropped her and Dad at home and then off we went to the Lion King. The Lion King was AMAZING. Wow. It was so good I can't even explain it. The costumes and acting was amazing and it was so fun seeing it with our friends. We went out for ice cream on the way home (yum) and then shortly after we got home, Mom and Bu took me to the 9th grade pool party. It was soooo much fun!!!

Not really much to say other than the Lion King is awesome and if it's ever showing near you... SEE IT!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

busy... so busy

Whew... where to begin! Sorry I didn't post last night. I went to my friend's house and we watched High School Musical 2 and were doing some last minute party preparations for a going away party that some of us threw my friend. So yeah. But yesterday we went to the mall. We got AnnaClaire a few things including this ADORABLE dress from Strasburg. It is so cute. She really doesn't have many fall clothes, so it was good we find a few. At Strasburg, we ran into a lady who started talking to us and it turns out they are adopting, LID in June 06! So that was fun to talk to them. She had just had this adorable baby boy and AnnaClaire kept pointing and saying "babee". That's like at Gymboree, there was a little boy in his stroller, and AC was out of her because we were in there awhile. Anyway, she goes over and starts holding his hand and saying hi. It was so funny. So after a little while at the mall, we went back home and AnnaClaire took a good nap. We ordered a few things from Hanna and we are probably almost good for fall clothes. When the Bu awoke, Mom drove me to my friend's house. We had a really fun time. The cakes we baked looked so good. And the movie was good, too. This morning we woke up and around noon we went to one of our big shopping centers here and got decorations, plates, and t shirts for everyone (we bought blue t shirts and wrote a letter on them and everyone wore one. They spelled out "We'll miss you so much!"), went out to lunch, and got balloons. One of our other friend's who was also planning it met us there and then we went to the pool where the party was and Sydnee (another planner) came and we all set up for 3 hours. Becky (also a planner... there were 5 of us) had to come late because she was seeing the Lion King. But anyway, we got all ready and everyone came and we all stood on the deck with our shirts and Becky's mom covered Rachel's eyes as she came in and we all turned around one at a time and said our letter. Heh. It was so fun. We had so much fun but the whole point of the party was not fun :(. We had pizzas and everyone brought either desert or fruits or veggies or drinks. It was perfect. Rachel was so happy. Everyone who came (about 20) made her a scrapbook page and we decorated the album and put them all in. It was so cool. Rachel loved it. We had fun playing in the pool, eating cake, fondue fountain, etc. It was such a fun party. We are all going to miss Rachel so much. She's moving to Pittsburgh on Monday.

I didn't see AnnaClaire all day, so there are no pictures, but I do have pictures from yesterday which I'll add tomorrow. I'm also going to post a few pictures from the party tonight.

Tomorrow Mom and I are seeing Lion King with our friends, Monday is orientation, and school starts on Tuesday! So we have been very busy, as you can see. My laptop is also at the shop at the moment and so I'm having to use my dad's computer... so it's hard because I don't have most of my programs, none of my favorites list, and my normal email.

I also wanted to just inform everyone that at the moment, I am unable to do blog makeovers because I don't have the program to do them on this computer. Also I am too busy with school starting to really do them. Once I get my laptop and I'm in the swing of school, I will do makeovers. You can email me about them, but it might be 2-3 weeks before it actually happens.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The past few days

My cheesy little Bu

Jumping so big

going into the pantry to get Maggie some food
Feeding Maggie
I was playing with my sunglasses and Sissy turned around and I had them like this! I was very happy that I figured out how to put my glasses on by myself... even if they are upside down!

Riding the trike at Babies R Us (sorry it's blurry... I didn't have my flash on.)
Running to Sissy

Chinese Princess

So cute at the pool with my squeakies

Now that I'm done with beach pictures, I can post pictures and text from the rest of the days. I've already posted about Sunday and Monday... Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. Tuesday I wasn't around much... I slept in pretty late and after lunch I went to my friend's house with a ton of other friends and we made scrapbook pages for my friend, Rachel, who is moving on Monday :(. It was really fun and I didn't get home until dinner time. After dinner, Dad and AnnaClaire went to the park.
Wednesday was a good day as well. I finished all my school stuff like my math packet and summer reading. So that was good. School starts on Tuesday. We also ran a few errands in the morning and had lunch at Jason's Deli. AnnaClaire loved Jason's! She had mac and cheese! We also went to Babies R Us for some organization baskets and we saw a PINK tricycle there. AnnaClaire pointed over and over says bike! We sat her on it to see if it was her size. It was perfect. She rode it around (with help). She loved it. She was trying so hard to do it herself, and she was so close... but she needed a little help. She loved it and she sobbed when we took her off of it. We promised her that when she turned 2. That reassured her and we left with our purchases (including a pink bubble mower!) Babies R Us has tons of pink stuff... tons. Pink poppers, pink trikes, pink everything! Last night there was a pizza party at the school which Will and I went to.
Today was fun as well. AnnaClaire is starting to get a cold which is upsetting. We played at the house most of the day. AnnaClaire did go on quite a few errands this morning. I went to the pool and AC was going to come after her nap, but she napped for 3 hours and by the time she was up, it was time for me to leave the pool for cross country. She did come by to pick me up and enjoyed saying hi to everyone. She drove and picked me up from cross country because Will had work so he couldn't drive us. So AnnaClaire picked me up in the convertible and as I walked to the car, she had both hands waving saying "hi Sissy!" She was so cute and everyone stopped by our car to say hi! It was the cutest thing.
We just pulled out AnnaClaire's squeaky sandals because they are just now fitting her. She loves them. She stomps and jumps so she can hear them squeak. It's so cute! She loves them and they are so cute on her!
AnnaClaire is also really putting 2 words together now. Today she said "Dada work" and "More wawa"!
Well that's about it for now... enjoy the pictures!

Aug 10 (last of the beach pics)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug 10 (first batch of white dress pics)

Here's a start of the beach pictures in her white dress. I don't know what happened, bit something went on when I was uploading and they didn't all go, so i have more to add that I'll do tomorrow because I'm going to get ready for bed now. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aug 11 (last day at Fripp)

Here are pictures from the 11th. Lots of dune and alligator ones... I love all these. I couldn't decide if I liked the one I posted or the one of her sitting on the dunes smiling, but I decided on the alligator one for the POD. Enjoy!

Aug 10 (beach day)

Most of the pictures from the 10th are pics of AnnaClaire in her white dress on the beach and such, but I'm going to add those later. Here are the ones from playing on the beach, and I'll add the porrait ones in a minute. There are tons of those... hard to narrow it down!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Aug 9 (beach and pool)

I love how the pic at the top (my favorite from the day) is blurred around the edges. It was so hot at the beach, that everytime we got the camera out (and glasses, too!) the lens would fog up. While it ruined most of the pictures taken right after turning on my camera, I love the effect it gave that one.

Aug 8 (Guys deep sea fish, girls shop.. then pool)

Here are a few pics from the 8th. The guys went deep sea fishing while we shopping. Will caught 1 fish, Dad caught 3, and Ben caught none. One of the fish Dad caught was used as bait to catch a shark that some men caught!!! They also saw dolphins. We had a great time shopping and when we got home, we went to the pool. So here's pics from then.