Saturday, June 02, 2007


This weeks FFFF Challenge is "Strollers". We have lots of stroller pictures, so this was a good one. Of course, I couldn't decide with just 1 or 2, so I have chosen my favorite one from each month (except June... don't have any stroller pics from June- yet!) We have 2 strollers. Our main one is a PLIKO P3 Free Style Stroller (pink). We love that stroller and AnnaClaire does, too! It is SO easy to push, very comfy, easy to work, etc. Our other stroller is a blue Baby Jogger. We got it at our local children's department store, so it's not the nicest stroller and not our first pick for color, but it does the purpose and was a great price! We didn't bring our stroller to China, so the first picture (December) is a few days after we arrived home. You can really tell how much she has grown from the Dec stroller pic and the May stroller pic! Enjoy- click the collage to view it larger! :)
And here's 2 cute ones of AnnaClaire pushing a dolly stroller at PB Kids!


Shelly said...

I have SUCH blog envy whenever I see your site, it's cute!!! My fave colors. What scrapbook program are you using, FotoFusion? DO tell. Love it.

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww! Look at sweet AnnaClaire in her stroller!!! That is such a cute idea... to do one for each month! And Acie pushing a baby stroller... Too cute!! :)

tegdirb92 said...

what an awesome display--love the collage. I'm a fan of the pliko too! Take care! said...

Have to agree with Shelley. Your site is so darn cute. Love all the fotos too! Cuuuuuute.