Friday, June 08, 2007

My Messy Mei Mei

click to enlarge, so you can really see the messyness!

Over at Double Happiness, the Friday challenge is MESSY! AnnaClaire gets quite messy when she eats, so this one wasn't hard. I found lots of photos that she was very messy in, but here's a few favorites...

Picture 1: That's one of my very favorite pictures of AnnaClaire. I know she's not even that messy, but the yogurt in the corners of her mouth- too cute. Taken 12/12/06 in Changsha, Hunan. 13 months old.

Picture 2 (top): AnnaClaire was eating black beans in this picture and she had quite the time eating them! Taken 4/2/07. 17 months old.

Picture 3 (bottom): This one was taken at our favorite... Five Guys! The Little Bu was feeding herself, which is always a messy procedure... Taken 3/3/07. 16 months old.

Picture 4: This is one of the pictures from the infamous Red Beans and Rice story. She had red beans and rice from her hair to her toes, and everywhere in between! Taken 5/21/07. 18 months old.

Picture 5: I took this one when we were in Blowing Rock on Memorial Day. She was eating some of our favorite Kilwin's ice cream. This isn't the messiest picture from her Kilwins, but it is one of the sweetest:). She loved my mint ice cream!!! Taken 5/28/07. 19 months old.


Stacey said...

So darling! It amazes me that our girls look beautiful in what ever they wear... even food.

Shelly said...

how cute is this page, with little strawberries on it? so cute!!!

Elise said...

Cutest little messy face....I also love that PB retro cute!!!

Susy Q said...


I'm so glad I found your blog! So great that there are more "older sister of adopted kids" blogs out there! Your little sister is so adorable. I look forward to reading more from you!

-Susanna (or Susy Q)

P.S. I have two brothers too. I'm sure it's nice for you to have a sister now! I'm certainly glad we'll be adding dolls instead of toy trucks to the house now :-)
P.P.S. How old is AnnaClaire? Sasha is 16 mos.- they seem close in age, from the pictures.

Lexie said...

These are such sweet pictures! My favorite is the last one!!!

Holly said...

How sweet. I like the last one!

mommy24treasures said...

wonderful pictures. I check your blog often. I just LOVE it!!!