Friday, June 15, 2007

L.O.V.E. (brought to you by the weekly FFFF)

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It's Friday again and today's challenge is "love". This one was hard... because I have so many sweet "lovey" pictures. I finally narrowed it down to these ones. AnnaClaire is SO full of love. Everything she sees, touches, etc, she loves. For example, the vacuum cleaner. She is scared of it. Yet, she gave it a kiss one day when we were washing the car. She blows the sweetest kisses and gives the best kisses ever, especially when they're on the lips!!! My favorite of all, though, is when she blows her kisses and says "ba", because that's what she came to us doing. She also "loves" people/things by leaning her head on them. It's SO sweet!

Pic 1: AnnaClaire kissing the vacuum. Yes, she even loves large objects!
2: AnnaClaire loving her Bunny. Bunny is her most favorite lovey!
3: AnnaClaire and Will loving on eachother in China!
4: AC hugging her Maggie!
5: Mei Mei and Sarah Lu giving hugs in China!
6: The "twins" (AC and Maura) holding hands. How sweet!! They love eachother so much!
7: Me and the love of my life :)
8: Blowing kisses "ba!"
9: Maura and AC giving sweet twinny hugs!
10: AnnaClaire loving on Daddy (I love how she tilts her head to love on people!)
11: Rebekah and AnnaClaire giving sweet kisses!!!!!

As you can see, my sweet mei mei is full of love. And I love HER so much!!!


Robin said...

Great pics Emily. You've really become very good at digital scrapping. Are you still using Lumapix? Do you use any other digital software?

Lexie said...

I LOVE these pictures! They are all PRECIOUS!

Lori and Pete said...

The wet/dry vacc picture is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh and the sweetness.


Holly said...

Those are such sweet pictures. AnnaClaire is such a sweetheart.

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww! TOO CUTE!!! I especially love the one of AnnaClaire and Sarah Lu!! LOL :) They are all such CUTE pictures! Adorable! :)

Gracie said...

That is so cute! I love it! You will have to teach me how. LOL! Ha ha ha said...

You do have a lot of "love" fotos! And "kissy" ones too..