Friday, June 08, 2007

Kissies for "Woof Woof"

Kissie, Woof Woof!
That face, that face, that face!
Trying on Mommy's apron
I love you, Maggie!
Look at my big, Chinesey, black eyes! Aren't they beautiful?
What could be in your purse, Sissy?
This is fun to shake!
You are so funny.
Reading books on Doggie's bed! (I didn't hear anything, so I went to check on her, and this is what I found. How sweet is that?)

This morning Mom and I headed out around 10 to go to meet with my future guidance counselor to talk about classes next year. We got it all figured out. The whole time, Will was babysitting AnnaClaire. I'm excited about going to school next year! I've been homeschooled since 5 grade. I have really enjoyed it, but it's time for me to go to school. I'm going to the school I went to before I was homeschooled. Will goes there and Drew graduated from there. Anyway, that went well. Afterwards Mom treated us to milkshakes from Chickfila. Yummmmmy. Acie Baby had a nice time with Will, but was ready to see us when we got home. It wasn't long before naptime which was okay today. She woke up and we looked at the newest referrals together. She sat so sweetly, very still on my lap. I would point and say whatever the baby's name was, and she would repeat it. So cute! Speaking of referrals, congrats to everyone on them! We played around, reading, going through my purse, playing with Maggie, etc... a little before we headed to Barnes & Noble to get Will and my summer reading books. We also got AnnaClaire a "summer reading book". It's so cute. It's called "Eyes, Ears, and Nose" and it really bright and cute. She LOVES it. We also ran to Wally World and got a few school supplies (yes, most of the schools here got out today and we bought school supplies today!) It's actually a good time because it wasn't very crowded and they weren't out of anything. There weren't as many options, but that's okay. So we got a few things there. I went straight to swimming, which was good.

Oh and whoever keeps commenting rudely, anonymously, it's really getting old and I'm to the point where I get rude comments and I just laugh.

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Lexie said...

Hey! These are all such cute pictures!!! She is soo photogentic (sp?)! I especially love the second one!
Have a Great weekend!