Sunday, May 06, 2007

Waterpark (Day 2)

Yesterday morning fun in their matching jammies!

Let's go to the waterpark, already!

Oh, boy!

Pre nap fun!

and somemore pre nap fun...

Two princesses!

Chinese lantern making (and playing)

Yummy Chickfila!

All snuggled in their pink pjs!

note: I'm writing like it's today, even though this is from yesterday.

Today was another awesome day. After hanging in the room a little, we went down for a yummy breakfast. The girls had their eye on the waterpark the whole time! They were already in their bathingsuits, so we went straight to the waterpark. We went in and oh boy did they scream. It was pretty sad:(. They screamed and screamed. Keara and I played awhile and went down all the (AWESOME!) waterslides. By the time we were done with all the slides, the girls weren't so afraid of the water. By the end, they were both very, very happy in it! AnnaClaire liked to play with these fountain things. Maura liked to run around in the water. They also had this thing that squirted water to different levels (red thing) and AnnaClaire LOVED that, too. The waterpark there is AWESOME. It is indoor and inside the lodge. Very cool. It was packed though! We met another family with 3 daughters from China. They are going back for #4 soon! They were SO cute! After being there awhile, it was naptime, so we went back to the room. The little ones played a little, ate lunch and went down for naps while Keara and I went to the snackbar and got pizza and fudge and then went to the arcade for awhile. It was so fun. We won the girls little princess crowns! AnnaClaire had slept really bad the night before, so she took a great 3+ hour nap. Maura, on the other hand, slept really well the night before and wouldn't nap! We had to wake AnnaClaire up to go to the craft room and make Chinese lanterns (at 5). The craft room was so cool. They had all this kid stuff like a play set, the little computer thing, stuffed animals, plus all the craft stuff. AnnaClaire and Maura (well their big sissy's while they played!) made adorable little Chinese lanterns. So cute! We ran into the family with the 3 girls from China, again. (Thought we would since we were making Chinese lanterns!) AnnaClaire and Maura loved doing the slide. Then we went to Chickfila for dinner. AnnaClaire had her first chicken nuggets- hated them. In fact, she picked up all the fruit and left all the chicken there! Then Keara and I took the little bits to the play area. We really are to big for that. Nonetheless, we climbed up, went through tunnels, down slides, etc. They loved it. The tunnels even made noise! Everyone commented on how cute Acie and Maura were. They all thought that they were twins! We went back to the lodge and bathed them together. They loved it and were so cute in the tub together. They ran around the room a little, and AnnaClaire gave Mrs. S a back rub. LOL. They have an obsession with closing/opening the door... Then Maura went to bed since she didn't nap. AnnaClaire stayed up late since she napped so late. She was a very good girl staying quite! Then she dosed off and slept pretty well... until...

THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF! It was 5:21 AM and all of a sudden we hear all this ringing. It was SO loud. It was very, very scary. We woke up right away, grabbed the babies and a few belongings and ran out. It being so early in the morning, we weren't thinking and went all the way down the hall even though we had stairs right by our room. Luckily, it was just a false alarm and everything/everyone was okay. Still, very, very scary and very loud. It was also very cold outside. We were all shivering, Mom and I couldn't see without our glasses/my contacts. The little girls were AMAZING and didn't cry at all. In fact, AnnaClaire waved, blew kisses, and smilied at everyone! It was quite the experience. AnnaClaire went back to sleep and we started the morning around 8:30. More on today later...


Meg said...

The fire alarm thing happened to us to! At 3:30 in the morning! It was false, but it still scared us and I couldn't see a thing. lol. I am blod without my contacts or my glasses.

Meg said...
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Meg said...

Oops ... I meant BLIND not blod. lol.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness that must've been really scary when the fire alarm went off. Especially since you guys were at a hotel and not in your own houses or anything. Good thing the little ones were not scared though