Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A fun time with Bekah!

Here's AnnaClaire this morning, getting ready for her sweet friend to come! She cleaned, talked on Mom's cell phone, carried Mom's purse around, went in her Ergo, and tried climbing on Maggie's back. Ha. Love the one of her carrying around the purse and the phone- a true girl!

Here's Bekah and AnnaClaire eating throughout the day. The top picture is lunch, next to it is desert, than snack time, and dinner. The small picture of the 2 bowls is what the desert looked like after they ate it. It was strawberry shortcake. Notice AnnaClaire left all the pound cake and ate all the strawberries... Bekah ate all the pound cake and left the strawberries! HA! My sweet mei mei isn't much of a sweet tooth!

Here they are playing on the porch during the day. They loved the bubble machine, cottage, and pop pop car. Bekah would sit on the car and AnnaClaire would push her- so cute! AnnaClaire is taking out Bekah's hair pretty in one of the picture..

The girls even tried out AnnaClaire's pretty pink pool! They were so funny in it and had a great time:)

And then they ran around in the grass, waved hi to eachother, and played with AnnaClaire's infamous lawn mower! (She loves that thing!)
They really enjoyed the sand table and played at that awhile. The were also quite cute walking in and out of the kitchen... our little bathing beauties!

AnnaClaire showed Bekah all her toys upstairs and they had a ball playing with the door, sliding, swinging, playing with the ball blower, riding the horsie, and tickling eachother!

We had an awesome time with Bekah and her Mommy and Daddy!! They got to our house around 12 and the girls hit off so well. They were soo cute together. When Bekah got here, AnnaClaire and Bekah just ran around together. We told AnnaClaire to show Bekah her toys, and AnnaClaire led Bekah to the porch- of course. They had so much fun playing in the cottage, playing with the pop pop and pop pop car, playing with the bubble machine, etc. We got them a yummy lunch and they were so funny eating together. They would eat of eachother's plates and drink from eachother's sippy cups. Good thing neither one is sick! They gave such sweet hugs and kisses and were just adorable. We played and ate a YUMMY lunch & desert, which we even let the girls try. As I said, AnnaClaire picked out all the strawberries and Bekah picked out all the pound cake! HAHA! I guess AnnaClaire likes fruit more than sweets! Around 2, the little ones started getting tired. AnnaClaire napped for about an hour and Bekah's Daddy drove around to get her to sleep- which she did for about 30 minutes. When both her awake and home, we played somemore on the porch. Dad got home soon after and we dressed the girls in their bathingsuits and took out bathing beauties in the backyard to do the pool. They were SO funny in it. They did NOT want to sit, only wanted to stand. It was too funny. They both loved it- as long as they were standing. They played with their toys, played with eachother, and just had a good time- standing the entire time. They both took a few tumbles and were quite shocked when they fell in the water and got all wet! LOL! But they would quickly stand up and were fine again. They both tried out the slide. AnnaClaire loved climbing up the stairs, but wasn't a huge fan of the slide. I think we just have to take it slowly. Bekah slid a few times, too, but neither one absolutely loved the slide. The preferred just standing in the pool with the toys, splashing around. Then they played with the lawn mower and then we got them redressed and they played at the sand table. They liked that a lot. They were so cute together and just had a great time. We brought them upstairs and AnnaClaire showed Bekah all her upstairs toys like her slide & swing set, her door, her ball blower, her horsie, her music, etc. They had a blast up there. They were so funny on the playset because they wanted to do whatever the other one was doing, but they couldn't do it at the same time! It was really quite cute. The ball blower was a huge hit with Bekah, as with AnnaClaire and they were very entertained by that. They liked getting tickled and bumped by this soft little ball, and just giggling and playing around together. After a yummy dinner, and more eating off eachother's plates and cups, Bekah and her Mommy and Daddy got ready to go back to the place where they are staying (about 2.5 hours away). It was sad to say goodbye, but we had an awesome, awesome time! It was so good to see them again, and see how the girls have grown in the past 5 months! Bekah brought AnnaClaire this darling little plastic golf set and AnnaClaire had fun playing with it tonight. It's so cute. I'll have to get some good pictures of her with it:) Thanks, Bekah, for the golf clubs!!

Also, thanks to the Ryan family for the beautiful dress and hat that you sent AnnaClaire. We recieved it today and love it! She'll look darling in it!


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww!! It's Rebekah!!!! She is gorgeous and it looks like she had grown so much since China! I LOVE seeing new pictures of her!! It looks like Bekah and AnnaClaire had quite a fun day today! They are so cute together(again!)!! I love the pics of the two of them in Acie's little pink pool...SO sweet!! Ok, so, between these absolutely adorable pictures of Acie and Bekah, and plus Sarah Lu, I am SO dying of cuteness here!! :)

Holly said...

China get-togethers are so much fun! Our good friends that we traveled to China with are coming to visit next week too!! I can't wait!! The girls are precious together. I know they had a blast!