Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gotcha Clothes! (UPDATED)

This week's photo challenge is "Gotcha Clothes". Today, I finally got the chance to dress AnnaClaire in hers. It was very emotional getting them out again. We have the whole ensemble packed away, and I went to get them and they SMELLED like gotcha day. On Gotcha Day, she wore: soft yellow pants and yellow "football" shirt. On top of that were bright red, fleece pants and a bright red fleece jacket, a matching, red hat, ABC socks, and Teletubbie shoes. It was ALL brand new and Amy (our guide) said the red outfit was a very special occasion outfit. I think it is so special that the orphanage dressed her up for her special day (I know a lot of them do). Anyway, I dressed AnnaClaire in just the red outfit, because it is really hot for her to wear all the layers. She was so funny, she was trying to lift the sleeves. The jacket is still big on her, but the pants were TIGHT! The socks (which by the way are two different sizes!) barely fit and the shoes would not budge on her feet. Here are some stats from then (4.5 months ago!) and now.
December 11, 2006
13 months
19 pounds
29 inches
6 teeth
size 4 foot
12/12-18 month clothes (and too big on her!), 9 month pants
size 3 diaper
April 29, 2007
18 months
25 pounds
30 inches
13 teeth (I think?)
size 5 foot, wears a 5.5 shoe
18/18-24 month clothes (a bit long, but perfect through the body), 12-18 month pants
size 4 diaper
Gosh, she has grown!
She was not happy in her outfit. I think it was probably because she was so hot in it, as her cheeks were BRIGHT red, but I do wonder if she remembered it... I did get her to smile for a few pictures before we quickly took the outfit off and redressed her in her dress. Oh-- I had to laugh because under her red hat was a... you guessed it- pink bow!


Sophie's Mom said...

What a pretty girl, and a special outfit! She has grown so much!

Anonymous said...

hey Em! i was just wondering how old was Acie when you got her? also how long have you had her?

Anonymous said...

Great photos Emily!

And I LOVE the new look of your blog . . . great job!

Jennifer, mother to Adrienne LiHua said...

I thought that the template changed! Nice!
So glad there is someone else who didn't wash the outfit so that it smelled as is. I figure my girls can wash it themself if they so desire.
Anna Claire has just blossomed.

Holly said...

So cute! That outfit will be very special to her when she gets older.

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

AnnaClaire has grown so much!! She looks so much happier in her now photos. LOL
LOVE the new blog look!! It is too cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

How is this updated?

Sarah's LaoLao said...

That belly laugh makes me want to laugh along--she swam in her outfit on Gotcha/Family/Metcha Day and now is practically bursting at the seams--Beautiful!!

Pat from OH
aka Sarah's LaoLao