Friday, March 02, 2007

Gimme Continued!

Last week, the FFFF Challenge was "Gimme!" (10 things you like that start with ___) This week is the oppisite- 10 things you DISLIKE that start with ___. I was assigned with the letter j, so here we go! This was pretty difficult actually, but I'm pleased with my list.
(left to right, top to bottom)
1. Jellyfish. I HATE jellyfish and am VERY afraid of them!
2. Juice (orange). I love apple juice and pear juice, but hate all other kinds of juice, especially ORANGE JUICE!
3. Jelly. GROSS!
4. Jellybeans. I have never liked jellybeans. I'm more into chocolates!
5. Jalapenos. Way to spicy! Yuck!
6. Jet-lag. Who likes it? (the picture is "no jet-lag" pills. They ROCK! When you go to China, TAKE THEM. It is a teeny pill every 2 hours-i think- and they really worked!)
7. Japanese bettles. All bugs disgust me and these are no different!
8. Junk Emails. I hate when I get all these junk emails. Such an annoyance!
9. Jamming. I really don't like loud music. I like to hear when everyone is talking! I love music though!
10. Junk. Although when collecting it, it doesn't remind me as junk... it is, and I DON'T like it! (no fear, that is my old room awhile ago. I don't let my room get THAT messy, now!)

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