Saturday, February 10, 2007

Foto Challenge- Wildcard!

They aren't feeling so great over at Double Happiness (hope y'all feel better!), so this weeks Family FotoFun Challenge is "Wildcard!" I could NOT decide... I looked at all my pictures from China first. I was going to do my top 10 photos taken there, but I took 1529 pictures, and it's just too stressful to pick 10! So I decided to do "Smiles! (China)" (aka my favorite smiles from AnnaClaire while in China) and "Bathtime". We've only taken pictures for a total of 3 baths, 1st bath with us (in China), first bath at home, and then another time when she was just too cute. So I've added all the bathtime pictures we have, but made my favorites the biggest. There is really a difference between her 1st bath and the other two. She is so terrified in the first one! Anyway, ENJOY!

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