Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foto Challenge- Sleepyhead!

This weeks Family FotoFun Challenge from Double Happiness is "Sleepyhead!" As always, click the image to see it upclose! Cracks me up that MINUTES after I posted yesterday's "picture of the day", I went to see what the next Foto Challenge was and it was sleepyheads... Exactly what my picture of the day had been!

I never want to disturb AnnaClaire in her sleep, so most of these pictures are in China while Miss AC was 13 months old. The upclose one was taken yesterday at 15 months! I think she is just precious when she sleeps! Those heart shaped lips and slanted eyes--aww!
As a matter of fact, Princess AnnaClaire is sleeping right now! Funny.

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Meg said...

Love these! Especailly the one in her carseat!