Sunday, February 25, 2007

FFFF Challenge- Gimme!

This weeks photo challenge is "Gimme!" You ask for and are given a letter. Then you have to come up with 10 things (said words AND pictures) that start with that letter. I was assigned the letter "j". At first glance, I thought it would be hard, but "j" things came right to me! I still have a few other things that I love that start with j like jello, juice, jacks, etc. But here are 10 things I came up with that I LOVE that start with j. Click the image to see it bigger.

1. Jesus - Of course!
2. Jack-o-lanterns - I LOVE jack-o-lanterns. They make me so happy:) just stay away from the freaky looking ones!
3. July - Really it's just summer, but July is probably my favorite month of the summer. It is also the month we got AC's referral which makes it extra special. This picture is of me and the FedEx guy with AC's referral (7/27/06)
4. Jumping (on the trampoline) - especially with friends and hoses! This picture is actually of me doing a flip a few years ago. My friend, Elizabeth, took it!
5. Jie Jie (as in being one) - I love being the big sis. It is so fun:) this picture was taken when AC and I were cuddling, but I was trying to hold her head up for the picture, so she has a strange look. Still cute:)
6. Jacuzzies - Ahh the warmth. This picture is of Will (brother) and I in our cousin's jacuzzi, taken at Thanksgiving in 2002!
7. Jif Peanut Butter - Skippy Creamy All Natural is actually my favorite, but Jif is a close second. I love peanut butter:)
8. Jewelry - Earrings are my favorite (especially my $13 REAL pearls from China!) This picture is of Elizabeth, Sadie, and I a Drew's graduation in May. When you click on the picture, you should see the jewelry closer up
9. Junk food - Who doesn't like that?
10. Jammies - I am a jammie QUEEN. I have about 10 pairs of pjs. But my favorite aren't even mine... they are AnnaClaire's footy jammies :) This picture was taken at the hotel in Changsha.

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Meg said...

It is a great list, I love that pic of you and AC, her face is really cute!