Sunday, February 18, 2007

FFFF Challenge- Bad pix

This weeks Foto Challenge from Double Happiness is "Bad Pictures". Here are a few bad pictures I found. There are TONS more, but here's a few. As always, click to view it bigger!

(Left to right top- 1. Mom and AC at the medical exam in Guangzhou. And no, AnnaClaire is not sleeping! 2. AnnaClaire and Rebekah begging for food. AC looks so cute, but you can hardly see Bekah because it's so BLURRY!!! 3. Dad and his girls... except I was talking to Claire's Mom as Claire's Dad snapped the picture! Left to right bottom- 1. This picture was taken today at Pei Wei. LOVE IT if only AnnaClaire hadn't been running toward me so fast, causing the camera to chop off her head! 2. Dad and AC at the White Swan. Dad is trying to get AC to smile while I'm trying to take the pic... Yikes! 3. the brothers and their new sis! Drew looks awesome in this pic, AC looks okay, and Will doesn't look so good...)

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