Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pic(s) of Day- AnnaClaire at the park.

The swinging one is probably my favorite. I love how everything is blurry and she just stands out (although she's pretty burry, too) I just love, love, love it.

Here's a few other favorites from today. If you go to the park post, there's another one (with the cups) that I should've put here, but I'm not going to bother and switch it... I also really love most of them on the "Sisters at the Park" post. You know... I love all of them that I post (which is why I post them). Anyway, here they are.. It's pretty hard to decide on just one when I took 80 pictures today... (I know, that's just a wee bit insane! The sad thing is, that doesn't even seem like very much any more...)

Sisters at the park :)

I love my Mei Mei oh so much! :)

Park fun- Mama, Sissy, and Baby!

AnnaClaire is swinging, swinging, swinging! AnnaClaire is swinging, YES, she is!
Posing by her name in the sand.
Drawing in the sand.
I really like this picture :) Cups (and sticks, too) are better than any sand toys!
Playing with Jane.
We had a wonderful afternoon at the park. First AnnaClaire swang for a really long time. She was having a ball swinging! All of a sudden, she starting doing her infamous "ba" over and over! It was the cutest thing. Then she starting flapping and clapping and laughing. She is sooooo sweet. After swinging awhile, she wanted out and to the sandbox we went. Last time she was at this park, a little girl had been writing in the sand with sticks. Well, Mom gave AC a little stick, and she bent down and starting drawing! SOOO CUTE! That stick stayed in her little hands the entire time. LOL. She loved it! She was very interested in a little boy, Eli, and his dog, Maggie. Then they left, so AC and I wrote her name in the sand. Some more people came and it ended up being some people we know from out Church. The 6 year old girl, 4 year old boy, and 22 month old girl were there and AnnaClaire just loved all the activity. She and Jane (the 22 month old) played for awhile in the sand and on the playset. It was cute :). AnnaClaire is really funny with gumballs, and she picked up EVERY SINGLE ONE she say and handed them to me. It was funny. She is soooo cute because whenever she knows she shouldn't hold something, she brings it to one of us. It's really sweet. Like earlier, she found my camera and came running over to me with it. Anyway, that is kinda off topic. We took a walk to the lake and looked at the ducks and then came back. AC and I went down the slide a few times before we headed home after 1 hour and 45 minutes of park fun! We had a GREAT time!

Fun in the morning...

"I LOVE my zoo from Ella and Riley! I especially like pressing the bird and it sings a pretty song."
"Aren't I a cutie with my piggies?"
"What's that?"
"Here, Doggie"

This morning, Mom rushed to the library to try and get AnnaClaire a spot for library story/bubble fun. She did! So AnnaClaire is going to be a "jumping bean" this March! Fun for her :) I bet she'll love it, just having other kids there will make her love it!
We had a nice morning with playtime in the nursery while I had piano, a few errands, lunch, and naptime. After picking Will up from school and playing at the house, we headed to the PARK! We had a great time. See above post!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our big 16 month old!!!!!!!

Mozart baby!
So sweet!
Happy in her stroller!
I love this pic because you can really see her beautiful, almond eyes!
Dancing with her door! (SOOOO CUTE!)
We had a good day playing, being outside, and just hanging around. AnnaClaire has had a blast with her new Little People zoo and dollhouse that Ella and Riley brought over yesterday. I didn't get a get picture of her playing with it though, I'll try tomorrow! It is starting to get really warm out! YAY!!!!!! If it's not going to snow, than BRING ON SUMMER!
About the last picture, that is AnnaClaire dancing. She LOVES to dance. Now she waves her arms in the air and spins around when doing it- so cute! I have an adorable video of it, plus tons of other videos, "AC's dirt story", etc to post. I need to get caught up with all that. AnnaClaire just keeps us so busy! :)
She gets sweeter and sweeter every day. I can't believe she is 16 months old!
For the picture of the day, please go to the "Happy 16 month birthday!!!!!!!!" post!
On another note, AnnaClaire pointed to me and said "gee gee" (jie jie- jieh jieh) today!!! It was so cute. Also, she used to rarely give her amazing kisses. Lately, she has been just kissing and kissing and kissing, and well you get the point. I have (by far) gotten the most kisses:) If you lean forward and say "Kiss me, AnnaClaire!" she leans forward and goes "mwahhhhhh" right on your lips :) SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! We think it is because she has now been kissed on so much, that she likes to kiss on us! hehe!
Mei Mei,
Happy 16 months AnnaClaire! I can't believe it was 7 whole months ago (exactly) that the FedEx man brought your referral to us!!! And that you are already 16 whole months old! You are getting so big!! I wish you would stay a baby forever, but I can't wait to see the wonderful things God is going to do in your precious life! I love you FOREVER! You mean so much to me, more than you could ever no. I love you more than anything, precious sister! God knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed us with the gift of YOU! Happy 16 months. I hope your 16th month is a very special one.

Another redone blog!

I just finished up re-doing Meg's blog! Go check it out!!!

Remember to email me at if you want a blog makeover!!!

Happy 16 month birthday!!!!!

AnnaClaire is 16 months old today! Such a BIG girl!!! We love you, AnnaClaire Chenhui!

Happy 16 months to Maura, too! We'll see you guys SOON!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Pic of Day- Sweet thing!!!

I love this picture:) Isn't my mei mei sooooooo cute?

400th post!!!

"Sissy's book is oh-so-interesting!!!!"

"I love Lola the hugging pink hippo!"

I can't believe it! This is my 400th post on this blog!!! WOW!

Today was quite a day. We just hung around the house this morning and went on some errands after. We had a yummy lunch at Qdoba. AC loved it! We came home in time for naptime, but first we took a walk and played around the house. She had a nice, two hour nap! Soon after Mom and AnnaClaire got home from picking up Will from school, our (adorable) twin neighbors who are 5, brought over some of their old toys for AnnaClaire. So now AnnaClaire has the LittlePeople zoo and dollhouse, plus tons of puzzles! Thank you Ella and Riley!!!!!

We had a fun rest of the day enjoying our BEAUTIFUL baby. We are so blessed:)

Check the website, it is finally working again and I put a new home update on it!

Pic of Day- Taco girl (and more pix)

I love, love, love this picture of AC and her tortilla. She loved it. I think she ate 2 of them! Doesn't she look so funny/cute!!!!!! AWW

Here's somemore pictures from yesterday...
"Like my new bib from my favoritest big sissy?"
"On the Border is yummy!" Notice all the guacamole on her face! (she wasn't crying, she was trying to ham it up for the camera and right as I snapped the picture, she changed her face, so it's in between smiles)
This is her new thing.. Hmm?! She goes and gets 2 cups (always the Masters ones) and runs around like that... Strange, yet adorable! I have a video of it along with tons of others that I will try to post this week.

Answers to comments...

I have been asked a few questions (through comments) that I am going to take a short post to answer.

1. AnnaClaire's hairbrush was found at Babies-R-Us for 2 or 3 dollars. DO NOT (and I repeat, DO NOT) leave the USA without it!!!! I honestly don't know what miss AnnaClaire (or we!) would've done without that!!!!!! She loved that thing. It calmed her down on gotcha day, and it stayed in her hand all day, every day, while in China!

2. Someone had commented asking if we were considering adopting again. Nothing is FOR SURE yet, but we would really like to go back to China in the near future. AnnaClaire and I are the closest age wise and we are 12 years apart. We really feel as though AnnaClaire would like having a sister to grow up with. Therefore, we are highly considering adopting again. It is not final, but it is our hope and has been since we started the process for AnnaClaire. In fact, at the end of October, 2005, before we even started the China adoption process, my mom had a dream of 2 asian girls in a crib. We already have a list of names for "Mei Mei 2" (if there is one). Esther, Evelyn-Evie, Lillian-Lilly, Katherine-Katie, or Rose. We will just wait and see what the Lord says! But it is likely (although not definitly) that we will go back for a "Mei Mei 2". Our only worry is that we wouldn't get one nearly as cute as AnnaClaire ;) ;) ;)

And 3rd, thank you for all the wonderful comments left under AnnaClaire's Story. I appreciate them so much, as I do all comments. If you watch the video, please comment. Also, don't be afraid to comment on my daily posts :) I LOVE comments! If you don't have a blogger account, you can always be "anonymous" or "other"!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Maybe she's Chinese........

But she sure does love MEXICAN FOOD! It was a long day. I guess that's what happens when a totally-outside-girl stays inside ALL DAY. Which is what happens when it's pouring down rain, you're teething BAD, are tired, and are getting over a cold. Yep. She actually played quite nicely for part of the time! She was having a ball with that life saver door thing and also climbed up and down, up and down, up and down her slide for a really long time. She had a 3 hour nap and was kinda grumpy before it, so she went down early (11). Mom was timing at the meet all morning (I didn't swim today but she was required to time). When she got home around 4:30, we played some more with adorable AC before heading to On the Border for some much needed Mexican food. AnnaClaire LOVES guacamole (sp?). ADORES it. I think it's her favorite. That and tortillas! On the Border makes the BEST tortillas EVER. She also had some veggies, rice, beans, and a little chicken- loved it all! I got quite a few darling picture of her eating her beloved Mexican but, those will have to wait... because... 1: my camera broke. Argh (although I'm sure it will be fixed soon as it always "fixes" itself) 2: Dad's camera (which I have been taking pictures on) is somewhere in the house.. who knows where? and 3: my power cord for my laptop broke and it ran out of batteries leaving me laptopless for a few days. Luckily we have an upstairs computer that is only in use when dad is home at night, and I can usually pry him off, so I can still be on quite a bit:). Bad thing is everything is on the other computer: pictures, programs, email, favorites, etc. I set up my email on this computer but my new adress isn't working. Anyway, I'll add pix tomorrow.

By the way, I had a few emails regarding not being able to view AnnaClaire's Story. I have fixed that so it is now viewable. Just hit the play button on the bottom. Sorry about that! Oh, and don't forget to comment after watching! Thanks for all the WONDERFUL comments already on there :) I have beaten my comment record already!


As most of you know, I LOVE styling blogs. The other day, I had a request to re-do this blog. I was asked if I had considered doing this before for people who aren't so computer smart. So begins my "buisness". If anyone needs a blog "do", I would LOVE to do it. For free. If interested, email me and give me your ideas, color choices, and blog name and I will have your "new" blog ready in 1-2 days! I will also need your username and password to put the stuff on.

FFFF Challenge- Gimme!

This weeks photo challenge is "Gimme!" You ask for and are given a letter. Then you have to come up with 10 things (said words AND pictures) that start with that letter. I was assigned the letter "j". At first glance, I thought it would be hard, but "j" things came right to me! I still have a few other things that I love that start with j like jello, juice, jacks, etc. But here are 10 things I came up with that I LOVE that start with j. Click the image to see it bigger.

1. Jesus - Of course!
2. Jack-o-lanterns - I LOVE jack-o-lanterns. They make me so happy:) just stay away from the freaky looking ones!
3. July - Really it's just summer, but July is probably my favorite month of the summer. It is also the month we got AC's referral which makes it extra special. This picture is of me and the FedEx guy with AC's referral (7/27/06)
4. Jumping (on the trampoline) - especially with friends and hoses! This picture is actually of me doing a flip a few years ago. My friend, Elizabeth, took it!
5. Jie Jie (as in being one) - I love being the big sis. It is so fun:) this picture was taken when AC and I were cuddling, but I was trying to hold her head up for the picture, so she has a strange look. Still cute:)
6. Jacuzzies - Ahh the warmth. This picture is of Will (brother) and I in our cousin's jacuzzi, taken at Thanksgiving in 2002!
7. Jif Peanut Butter - Skippy Creamy All Natural is actually my favorite, but Jif is a close second. I love peanut butter:)
8. Jewelry - Earrings are my favorite (especially my $13 REAL pearls from China!) This picture is of Elizabeth, Sadie, and I a Drew's graduation in May. When you click on the picture, you should see the jewelry closer up
9. Junk food - Who doesn't like that?
10. Jammies - I am a jammie QUEEN. I have about 10 pairs of pjs. But my favorite aren't even mine... they are AnnaClaire's footy jammies :) This picture was taken at the hotel in Changsha.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pic of day- New bib!

Today was good. My swim meet went very well. We got home just in time to help dad wash off AC, as she had a poop explosion while on a walk. I mean, poop all over her back-- gross. I bathed her in her duckie tub and we got her all redressed and then she took a nap.
I went to the mall with Caroline and Dad, Mom, and AC had a nice day. It ended with Pei Wei and carseat shopping and then they picked Caroline and I up from the mall. We headed home in time for bedtime. (Which she was soooooooo ready for.)

As for the new bib (pic of day) I got that for Little Miss while at the mall. There's this kiosk that sells the CUTEST bibs. Mom and I like the over the head ones. Well they are kinda on the expensive side for bibs so we hadn't gotten one-yet. I look at them EVERY time we are at the mall. So I got her one. And of course, I got her the pink one and got "AnnaClaire" on it in green. We love this bib, and she seemed to, too. Isn't it CUTE?

Yesterday- Pic of the Day

Hehe. I love this picture. She is running IN ACTION! And boy, does she look proud of it :)

Here's another one..
"I'm not touching it!"

A few yesterday pics

"Look at me walkin' on the doggie bed!"
"I'm so cute."
"Ya want my bunny? I LOVE my bunny!"
"Aren't I cute in this hat? It came with my new dress!"
"I know, I'm ADORABLE."
My swim meet was awesome:). Afterwards (and after nap), we picked Will up from school and brought him to his friend's house. We then headed to Chocolate Soup and found the cutest dress for $14!! We then drove a few minutes to the nearby park. I sadly forgot my camera not knowing we were going to the park! And it was the best park yet, too! AC and I had fun sliding, she swang a bit, etc. She had an absolute BLAST. We got home and she had a nice night while I babysat next door for a bit. Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. It's been a BUSY few days!

AnnaClaire's Story~The Movie

It is with great excitement that I present to you the story of my sister... AnnaClaire's Story! It is quite long (30 minutes) but I hope that you will take the time to watch it. I worked a looooooooooooooong time on this and I hope everyone enjoys it! Please turn the volume up as there is music. To shut off the song playing in the background right now, click the X by the refresh button. It is my greatest hope that by sharing AnnaClaire's story, someone will felt lead to adopt from China. Feel free to comment below! (I love comments!)
With lots of love,
AnnaClaire's PROUD Sissy

By the way, a big thanks to Staci for the info on how to load a large video on to Google Video! If it weren't for her, I don't know if/when this would ever get posted! :)

Also, I am putting the date for this video a year in advance so it will appear at the top of the page for awhile. Keep checking below this post because there will be newer posts. Once it's been awhile, I will switch it to the right date.

UPDATE: Someone has asked me what the last song was. Here are the songs (in order).
1. ”When God Made You" by Newsong
2. "When Love Takes You In" by Steven Curtis Chapman
3. "You'll be In My Heart" (the Tarzan version) by Philip Collins & Mark Mancina
4. "Swept Away" by Geoff Moore
5. "Greatest Of These" by Chuck & Lynette Giacinto (they just came home with their girl from China in December!)
6. "Orphans Of God" by Avalon
7. "Child Of My Heart" by Becky Wright & Tommy Brandt
8. "Arms Of Love" by Sandi Padilla
A lot of these songs appear on the "Spirit of Adoption" c.d. that you can buy here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pic of Day- I wanna go down, Sissy!

This is actually the only picture I took today, so it is the pic of the day.

AC had a great day and was "bu-bye" for most of it. She went on errands, to the park, on a walk. She is such a joy :).

The video has made no progress. Anyone know of a site that hosts Windows Media Player videos that are over 100 MB?? Anyone know anything about Adobe Premier Elements (that's where I made it)? If so, PLEASE email me or comment. I am getting so frustrated about this whole video thing not working!

Better get to bed! I have a BIG swim meet tomorrow and Saturday at 7am!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pic of Day- one year old with piggies!

I know, I know, that is the cutest picture you've ever seen. Yep, that's my MEI MEI!

and in case that wasn't enough cuteness for you, here's another picture that will do you in for sure!

Yesterday's Pic of Day-happy stair climber

No, she wasn't going down this way, she had POSED this way and then wanted to be picked up :)

Some pictures

Mommy and Baby
"I'm such a big helper to my Daddy when it comes transferring videos to DVDs!"
Coloring at her table (that I remember playing at when I was little!)
Some more coloring
Here's a few pictures. from Monday, Tuesday, and today! Enjoy!
Today was such a good day. AnnaClaie was soo happy ALL day! She played in the nursery with Mom while I had piano. She had a blast taking me to the ortho and loved everyone doting all over her (and her shoes!) They all thought she was just the cutest.. and we, of course, agree! The desk lady wanted to "cheer all the ladies up" and took her to the back a'squeaking away. Now all the orthos call her "Squeaker".
We went to Mcallisters for lunch. YUM! AC had a blast looking at everyone and ate an awesome lunch! When we left, we let her walk out holding my hand. EVERYONE turned around at the sound of her squeakers and they were all just laughing and saying how cute they were and how adorable she was! Which, of course, she is. :)
She totally soaked through her diaper during her LONG (2 hours, she's getting better!!) and so we had to change outfits. I also gave her a new hair style with her new outfit since her bow was already out from naptime. Her hairstyle is the pic of the day, so you'll see it then :)
THANK YOU.. everyone for all your help with the whole video confusion! I FINALLY got it figured out and have it all ready to load to a program that excepts files larger than 100 MB. It was taking awhile to upload to that program when my internet went out, so I'm going to finish uploading it tomorrow when I have more time. So tomorrow afternoon, the video WILL BE POSTED!!!