Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pic of day- Bucket Head!

AnnaClaire and I were playing around with her favorite bowl and I put it on my head. She thought that was hilareous, so I put it on her head! She walked around with it squealing in excitement. I just love this picture of "Bucket Head"!


I love this picture. It was almost the pic of the day.
"Sissy, I'm ready for my snack of goldfish and water!!!"

"Can we go outside, yet?"

"I had a ball in my swing..."
"And then Sissy and I walked to deliver some notes (next door). I walked ALL by my self up the street!"
"And I even put the notes in the paperboxes. BY MYSELF!"
"Then we came home and I got into the cabinent and played with the cozees."
"I also thought it'd be fun to drag around Sissy's camera case." (Future photograper here, maybe?)
"And I read to myself."

I love this little girl. So much! This morning was a normal morning. Then we left for piano and Mom and AC tried to sign up for a little class at the library with reading, bubbles, and music. AC would've been a "jumping bean" but it was all filled. They played in the nursery next door while I finished my lesson. AnnaClaire had a ball! We then headed to Super Walmart for a few things and came home for lunch. (See picture of Miss AC holding her goldfish and water). She went down for her nap about 12:40 and slept until 2:45! WOOHOO, finally a good nap! After she awoke, she played nicely and danced to her music. She then had snack time and we headed outside after bundling her up. She had fun in her swing and then we went to deliver thank you notes to a few of our neighbors. She was sooooooo cute doing that. I let her walk by herself and she just RAN down the driveway! I of course held on to her. She walked (slowly) up and then I gave her the note and tapped the paperbox. She reached the note out, but couldn't reach all the way, so I helped her walk forward more. Then she (BY HERSELF) put the envelope in the paperbox. Too cute! She then walked (with me) across the street and did it again! Aww. It was really just the cutest thing! We walked back home (she only fell a total of 3 times! But I caught her.) and she wanted to walk around the house holding a hand!
Oh another thing, AC has learned how to weigh herself on the scale (hmmmm?) and she has learned another word-- TOUNGE! (pronouced ton-gah). How she learned this... we were reading her "word" book and she pointed to the little girl pointing to her tounge and pointed to her tounge. She then learned that if we said, "AnnaClaire, where is your tounge?" she would stick it out and point to it! We say, "yeah!!! That's your tounge!" In the car, all of a sudden I hear "TON-GAH!" and I turn around and it's sticking out! Aww! She also knows how to point to her teeth, nose, and mouth! Oh, and toes and shoes! Cute, cute!
Oh, BTW, it is supposed to snow tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss AnnaClaire could have her first snow!!!!! Ohhhh I hope it snows. Let it snow!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pic of Day- pressing buttons

This was tough one. It was actually a tie with two pictures, but I do just love this one of her pressing buttons on her keys :).


"I love my stick. And I love my bracelet/ring too."
Pop, pop, pop!
"I think I'm going to call Daddy. Is that okay, Sissy?"
"I went to Costco for the first time today!"
"Everyone thought I was pretty darn cute with my balloon. What do you think?"
"I got to meet another newly adopted baby, Brandon! He was sweet!"
"I saw this thing and made Sissy let me in. I'm a little big for it..."
"I saw that Brandon was being fed out of the same bottle I have. I thought it was mine and starting saying, "Baba! Baba! Baba!"
"After nappy time, Sissy and I shook water bottles. It was bunches of fun!"
Today was a fun day. The maids came this morning, and we kept AC occupied downstairs. She played with her popper (which she disliked at first, but now adores!), the dog, and her stacking toys. We then headed out to Costco. She was adorable in the car and we got there and she was even more adorable. She was quite entertained by all the food and stuff, and sat nicely in her floppy seat. We shopped around a bit before leaving to go get Will from school (he wasn't feeling well). I got dropped off at Grace and then picked up an hour later. We then headed to a kids consignment store my mom used to work at, because they were throwing us a little "meet AnnaClaire lunch" thing. They were all really excited to see her and lunch was delicious. There were quite a few other kids/babies there, which AnnaClaire loved. She adores kids! We even got to meet Brandon, one of the lady's 6 month old son (although he was about AnnaClaire's height!!!!!) from Guatamala! They got home from fostering him in December. He was soooooo adorable and AnnaClaire thought so, too! One of the ladies who works there is the one who makes every single bow AC has. As a gift, they all gave us tons of bows and a really pretty dress for summer! Soooo cute! After our fun lunch, we headed home for nap time. AnnaClaire hardly napped, again, but was quite cheerful when she awoke. She played around all afternoon and was her cute self. Then we headed the Harris Teeter. I sat in the car with her while Mom ran in for cheese. (Drew, in the car, we were looking at the "Who Loves Baby" book, and we turned to the page with you on it and I showed her how to kiss the book. She pulled the book to her mouth and gave a big kiss right where your face was in the picture. :)) After Harris Teeter, I got dropped of at swimming. That was good. When I got home, I heard AnnaClaire cough in her sleep and then start crying and then scream! Aww poor baby startled herself :(. She is now sound asleep again! She is such a sweet, sweet girl!

AnnaClaire and Maggie

"I think I'm going to go say hi (plop on to) Doggie." PLOP!
"Ahh! I'm falling off!"
"Well this is comfy too. Me and Doggie are great friends!"
"I was getting a little hot so close to Doggie. But I don't know where to lay now... I guess I'll check out her nose for now!"
"A-ha! I'll lay behind Doggie!!!!!!!!"

They really are best friends. And adorable together, too.

Pic of day- Diaper girl

(yesterday's pic of day)
I love this picture of her waving on her diaper package. I think it should be Parent's Choice's new logo. It sure is cute enough :)

Yesterday pics

"This is strange. My Daddy is at the grocery store with me! Hmm"
"Aren't I CUTE?"
Who woud've though diaper packages would be such fun!
"But oh, Mama and Sissy, they ARE!"
"Pronouncing Miss AnnaClaire- Queen of the diapers!"

I found Dad's camera :)
Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I love this little girl. So much.

Well. I couldn't find my camera all day. So I took pictures with my Dad's camera. Now I found my camera and I can't find my Dad's camera! Ughhh. So... no Photo of the Day today, but here's some pictures from yesterday!

It was a nice day. This morning, Dad's tire blew (funny because Drew's blew in Wa DC this weekend...) he actually met us at Harris Teeter and did some shopping with us- AC loved that! We went to Wal Mart and Harris Teeter. AnnaClaire was almost climbing out of the cart when we found a toy for her... she loved it and it kept her soooo occupied! Even in the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we got home, she discovered how much fun it is to climb on packs of diapers! She did that for who knows how long. She also enjoyed her popper thing and a yummy lunch. She was sweet all day. She takes such short naps though... She sleeps 12 hours at night (7:30-7:30) but only naps from about 1-2:20! Yikesss!

She gets cuter everyday and we love her dearly. I look at her and think... "how did we end up with such a sweet, cute, adorable, precious, beautiful, etc" little girl. I'm so blessed to be her JIE JIE!!!!!!!!! and I love her more than anything in the world.

More tomorrow!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pic of day- playing piano with Sissy

I LOVE this picture. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I guess it's pretty self explanatory :)

pictures from Dad's camera

I was talking about the lollypop thing awhile back... here's a picture from that. I love this one:
Happy in her swing (yesterday)
Trying out her duckie tub (yesterday)
"Sissy climbed in with me and is washing my hair." (yesterday)
Cute on her thingy (yesterday)
Here are a few pictures I got of Dad's camera. Enjoy.

No wonder...

You Are Chinese Food
Exotic yet ordinary.People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.
What Kind of Food Are You?

I take a lot of these quiz things but don't normally post them to my blog... but... I couldn't resist with this one. I thought I would for sure get "American food". But nope! I'm "Chinese food"! Well, it's a good thing I went to China so I got my fair share of Chinese food :)

Saturday pictures

"Whatcha doing, Mama?"
"1 of me + 1 of Mama = 2!!" (see her fingers?)
"Doggie and me are bestest friends."
"I see something down there! a-ha! A speck of dust!"
"Daddy, bills aren't so bad! The evelopes are mighty fun, actually..."

(Yesterday) I had a swim meet about 45 minutes away. Mom and I left at 6:45. I swam pretty good and was quite proud of my 1st in the 200 breaststroke. After the meet, Mom and I went out to lunch with a few of my friends and their moms. We went to a Chinese place, Pei Wei. It was soooooooooooooooo good! After lunch, we came home. AnnaClaire had been with Daddy all day. They had a nice day together. I think Dad was ready for us to be home though. AnnaClaire was sooooooo sweet all afternoon and just the cutest thing (as you can see from the pictures). She played nice with toys and paper and had a blast at Walmart. She really enjoyed holding the bandaids, but started chewing the box and had box crumbs on her face, so we took those away and replaced them with shampoo! She had a yummy dinner and then we stripped her down and got her bath ready. She bathed in her "duck tub" for the first time so it took awhile to get set up. She passed the time by being walking around naked. We actually got lots of *adorable* pictures of our naked girl, but I won't post those :)

Friday pictures

"Hmm... So many waterbottles. I think I'll check this one out first..."
"I know I'm beautiful. I know I'm cute. I know I'm adorable."
"Isn't my doggie FUNNY?"
"I love to climb up the stairs!"
"Sissy! Let me outta here!"
Here are some pictures taken on Friday. I was gone most of the day but AC and Mom had a very nice day. (on Friday) and I was home enough to get in a few pictures. Enjoy!