Saturday, August 19, 2006

Orphanage money!!!!

Dad and I finsihed counting the change late last night... We counted it numerous times and brought it to the bank this morning. The lady at the bank was very patient and helped us count it all. We had a grtand total of $2,125!!! It was good we had counted to make sure, because at first the lady counted $1,836.50. Then we brought it to another bank where our safe deposit box is. (We weren't sure if one bank would take all the coins so we had arranged it to end at the bank with our box.) We got pretty crisp bills, but we might have to order BRAND new ones. In our SDB, there were more $100's so we have our $3,000 for the orphange! We even have spending money! WOOHOO!!!

So after that, Caroline and I met for lunch at Chickfila! It was so yummy! We then walked around the shopping center. We got quite a few things. I found an adorable dress I wanted for AnnaClaire, but they didn't have her size. :( When we got home, Caroline and I set up AnnaClaire's high chair and then went to the pool. Now we just finished a yummy ice cream cone!!! Well, I better go now...

Day 8 for TA wait.................. How many more?

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