Friday, July 07, 2006

How it began

I am starting this blog as a sort of adoption journal. My family is adoptiong a baby girl from China! I have to big brothers and I am 13, so I am really ready to have a mei mei (little sister)

We submitted our online application to America World Adoption Association on January 6, 06 and were approved a few days later. Following that, we had all sorts of stuff leading up to 17 documents to be authenticated. Those 17 documents is our dossier!

For those of you who are clueless when it comes to adoption, first you submit and application. Then you have to get approved. For 3-6 months, you are in a stage called the "paperchase" getting all your documents ready for your dossier (this includes backround checks, docter appointments, fingerprinting, forms, letters of intent/apology, homestudy, authentication, noterizing, and more). You then send (or bring) your dossier to your agency. They reveiw it and send it to China (DTC). China logs it their system a few days/weeks later (LID). You then wait for your referral (pictures of the baby). As of now the wait is 12-14 months long. The shortest its ever been is 6 months, longest is 15 months. After getting your referral, you get travel approval (TA) and then you go get you baby!! (You usually travel 2 months after referral)

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